As founder of Pet First Aid 4U®, I travel all over the country to teach our hands-on, veterinarian-endorsed pet first aid/CPR classes that feature a cat-dog team. Pets recovering from surgeries and injuries need and deserve bandages designed for them. I highly recommend the line of PawFlex Bandages because they are quick to apply, non-adhesive, fit pets small and large, provide for normal joint movement and are water-resistant. Pet Safety Dog Chipper required surgery to remove a growth on her elbow, so I relied on the PawFlex Joint/Universal Bandage to provide the protection needed to ensure Chipper's wound mended quickly. Be your pet's best health ally - enroll in a pet first aid class and stock your pet first aid kit with PawFlex bandages today!
– Arden Moore
Founder of Pet First Aid 4U
I buy the Medimitts for my cat, Isabella. She has plasma cell pododermatitis. Poor baby has been dealing with this for almost a year. Nothing seems to be helping either. She's now on 2 medications, after having biopsies performed on two paws. We've used the larger sizes but my cat flicks her paw a lot and the bandages fly off. When I saw you sold the xxs size I thought I'd give them a shot. So far, so good. She still flicks her paw a lot but the smaller, tighter size of the mitt (and the no chew bandage wrap we got from the vet) seems to be working. I've added a few pics for you to check out. Hopefully you can and hopefully my kitty's paw will heal! Thanks for having this size. It's been very helpful in keeping litter from becoming embedded in her paw pad!

Romo Finds Comfort

This is Romo, he has a torn ACL ligament in his left knee. He is not a candidate for surgery because he also has early dilated cardiomyopathy. Romo has to wear his brace everyday all day long and he was getting pressure sores on his hock from the rods that are in the brace. I searched for something to cover the area, heal and help prevent future sores when I found Pawflex bandages. Pawflex are the ONLY ones I have found that are designed and made for pets. Not only did they help heal the sores he had but they protect him from developing anymore of them. Jennifer the CEO has been so kind and helpful. She genuinely cares about helping you and your pets and has gone above and beyond what no other company would do. I highly recommend these bandages because they WORK and you are dealing with a great person! Thank you so much and here is a picture of Romo wearing his brace.

Happy Hudson!

Thank you note from Hudson in Brooklyn, NY! He has been healing from an elbow surgery for 8 months. It's been a long road, but the wound is really small now. I found out about PawFlex just in time for our upcoming beach vacation. I think it will work great for him while we are outside! We will continue to do a big, padded bandage when indoors to cushion the elbow when he lies down, but I'm so excited to have found a lightweight unobtrusive bandage for wearing outside. He's like a new dog with the freedom the PawFlex gives him while still covering the wound.
~ Rachel

PawFlex Works for Cats!

I have a cat that was born with her paw turned inward, so there was always a lot of pressure on the joint of her foot....she has had two foot surgeries due to cancer in her paw, and because of the position of the wound, she continually opens up the area, so I keep it bandaged with PawFlex and an adhesive bandage...I find your product terrific because it doesn't slip the way a square non stick pad does, and I am able to put medication on it.
Pat Heltke

PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs???

That's not what Monty the Cat says. Meet Monty. He's a handsome guy who has open sores on his paw due to cancer. His mom wants to make him as comfortable as possible and Monty is being a really good patient and he is not trying to take his Medimitt off.


PawFlex Helps Charlotte Recover From Radiation Treatment The bandages have arrived and they perfect thank you!!! My dad has been so very pleased as we had been trying for a while to work on a solution. She definitely is the XS size. I'm just so happy that they fit and Char can run around now without her leg getting hurt. I will definitely order more (and happy to pay) once we have finished this supply. You have been so very generous with all of these and it is really appreciated! Many many thanks!
Robyn & Charlotte 🙂

Wendy Impressed With MediMitt Bandage

I can't thank you enough for your prompt processing. I'm changing his mitt frequently, trying to stem the infection that is raging on his paw. Thank heavens for your product - so convenient. We're awaiting results of biopsy and tissue culture (tomorrow I hope) and keeping fingers crossed that this is a treatable infection and not a cancerous tumor. I may become your retirement fund if this is slow to respond. Vets I've seen are super impressed with the mitt! Stay tuned for next order.



Mariah the Greyhound; Another Precious, Gentle Soul Rescued

Below is not a typical testimonial but the personal story of Mariah and the links to help other greyhounds like her.
Please read Mariah’s story and how PawFlex™ bandages are helping Mariah heal.

Dear Jennifer, Mariah was returned to greyhound rescue in 2011 at age 10. The warts/corns on her feet had been neglected and it was painful for her to walk. Fast Friends greyhound rescue www.fastfriends.org had the corns/warts surgically removed in June 2011. We saw her profile on the Fast Friends website in June 2011 and realized that she had lived with our other greyhound, Isabelle, for seven years but they were separated when they went into foster care. Isabelle age 9 came to our forever home in May 2011 We drove to California over the 4th of July weekend 2011 and picked Mariah up. Unfortunately almost all of the corns/warts grew back. Her feet were so tender from the surgery that we had to pick her up and take her outside to go potty. We have been treating her feet with six corns for a year now and we were looking for something gentle to wrap her feet in at night after her last ointment treatment. We found PawFlex™. The PawFlex™ Medimitts are perfect for her feet at night. We also use PawFlex™ for our other greyhound that loses her toenails. We medicate where the nail came off and wrap with PawFlex™. PawFlex™ is a miracle as it is a very soft gentle product and it stays on and is easy to remove. I would highly recommend that everyone have the PawFlex™ product in their home. Please consider adopting a senior greyhound. They are gentle loving souls that deserve their own people and their own sofa. We are saving one greyhound at a time and it does make a difference.
Sharon Haugen
Vice President, Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited
Greyhound Prayer: Please let me be adopted before I die so I have a name

Even Big Guys Need the Gentle Touch of PawFlex™

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for the samples that you sent for my Newfoundland. Your bandages are SO much easier than trying to hold a wound pad in place, while wrapping with gauze and taping. I haven't tried the tubular cover yet, because my vet has me temporarily using a padded over-wrap. It looks like it will be a great help too though. I will definitely be recommending your products.

One week later:

"It's great to finally see Merlin's wound healing. Thanks for your help!"
Thanks again,
St. Louis, MO

Thank You From Abby

I have the best news! Abbys wound is HEALED! I know I am still incredulous myself! We were given a time line of up to a year and this is amazing. I think it is because of your bandages! They made it so so much easier to change dressing on that wound that we did not cause other tissue damage in changing bandage!! They stayed where they were to go and did not cause any sort of tissue trauma going off and on! Thank you thank you a million more times for these bandages! These are amazing! To fit and stay on a joint is amazing in itself! These are amazing. Amazing. Thank you again and again...Lorraine Blosser

PawFlex™ Bandages Are The Answer

I LOVE PAWFLEX™ BANDAGES! My Westie, from time to time, gets sores due to allergies on her paws which she licks and PawFlex™ bandages are the answer to the problem. Sugar and/or other medication can be easily applied to the built in medication pad and the bandage slipped easily on the affected foot, secured by the closure tab which wraps around the bandage and, voila, the perfect solution to keeping the medication on the paw plus the bandage not falling off as bandages put on by veterinarians do. The bandages also prevent the dog's hair from needing to be cut from the paw as is the case when tape gets stuck in the dog's hair. PawFlex™ bandages are the absolute BEST remedy/answer to medicating a sore paw and feeling confident that the medication will be doing its job because the bandage is remaining in place - ON THE DOG'S PAW! There's also a moisture proof cover to place over the medicated bandage and that too remains securely in place.
Louise B

Sam Set Straight With PawFlex™ Bandage

I just received a sample of PawFlex™ bandage and can't speak highly enough of it. As a veterinary nurse I regularly use various types of bandage and dressing. I used my sample on my own dog, Sam, a very clumsy greyhound who will lick any injuries raw given half a chance! PawFlex™ is the first bandage I have used that he is completely happy to wear, it hasn't slipped or moved after 2 days of normal exercise, and has not rubbed him or restricted his movement even though it is over his hock. Sam and I would highly recommend it and will definitely use it again.

Thanks From Zeke

Hi Jennifer....received your product in the mail and Zeke is wearing the medium size bandage. I love the bandage! The PawFlex™ bandages are the best I have even seen and should be marketed for people. I love that they are breathable and allow for air circulation which probably increases healing about 80 percent. I brought a sample bandage and tube covering to Zeke's groomer and she said that she will buy your product as soon as it becomes available. What I care most about is the kindness of your heart and your genuine love and concern for animals. If you would like a photo of Zeke wearing a PawFlex™ bandage I would love to send one along to you.
Warmest of regards to you,

Thank You from Spookie

Dear Jennifer: Our big girl Spookie is a jet black rescue (photo attached) about the size of a small panther, and with a tongue like sandpaper. So when she got a hot spot in the middle of her tail, she had no problem reaching it and licking off any medication we would put on it to help heal it. As the weeks progressed that hot spot got worse, so out of desperation I shaved the area around the wound, slathered on some medication, then put the dreaded cone head on her to prevent her from licking it. Even that didn't work. Then my wife brought home a package of PawFlex™ bandages which I actually didn't think would work because I thought Spookie could lick or chew through anything. So with all the skepticism in the world I thoroughly cleaned the wound again, applied more medication and a PawFlex™ bandage. And to my surprise, Spookie was immediately at ease having her painful sore properly cleaned and dressed, and the bandage was so light it didn't seem to bother her in the least. After a few tries she gave up on trying to lick the bandage off because it was so securely fastened. The wound healed nicely in a week or so and her fur finally grew back on her tail. Thanks PawFlex™, you're the best!
LaRue and Ziva Palmer
Los Angeles, CA

Harry from Australia

Hi Jennifer Its been a week now and our Harry's sore on his leg is half flattened.
Hopefully in a week or two it will be completely gone.
We have noticed black stuff coming out onto the cotton wool. Haven't noticed a stinger but probably was hidden amongst all the black stuff. Thanks ever so much.
So easy to use the bandages.
Thanks so much for all your helpful advice with everything.
Its a great product.
Harry doesn't seem to mind it being around his leg at all.
If we have a problem Ill let you know but its going so well.
All the best for the future
Thanks again heaps from
Kim Carolyn and Harry

Norton Thanks PawFlex

Dear Jennifer, Thank you so very much for the bandages, especially the waterproof ones. It truly is ingenious. Norton had injured his toenail & had to have it removed. I was using a baby sock & baggie previously when I walked him. That unfortunately really didn't work well. I had asked the vet if there were special bandages for animals, & was told that there aren't any. I cannot believe in all these years a veterinarian has not come up with the idea for animal bandages. Thank you for making them & giving some to Norton.
From,  Jerry & Norton

A thank you from Beatrice (and Charlene)!

Your PawFlex Bandages made life so much better for all of us just like your video says......you can't even imagine how great they are until your pet really needs them. Dear Jennifer, I am so glad you created PawFlex Bandages. Beatrice, our cat has suffered for almost one year with a raw wound on her back. We have done everything to try and get it to heal but it's been impossible. It was taking forever to bandage her up not to mention all the money in supplies. We tried the cone but the other cats attacked her each time she wore it so we had to take it off. Our Vet even cut off the sleeve to one of his surgical gowns to use around Beatrice so she would not be able to get to her wound and bite it but it was a nightmare to take on and off and do bandage changes. I want to thank you so much for giving me a bunch of bandages that you had made just for Beatrice. I know they were just prototypes of your body bandage line but they worked beautifully. Not only are they so easy and quick to apply and change but Beatrice doesn't seem to mind wearing them and they don't hinder any of her daily activities. Her wound is getter smaller and smaller and for the first time in one year it looks like it will finally heal. Your PawFlex Bandages made life so much better for all of us just like your video says......you can't even imagine how great they are until your pet really needs them. If Beatrice could say thank you she would. I hope her sweet meow will do. Thank you so very much!!!
Dear Jennifer, The pawflex bandages arrived today and Xena is so much happier. She does not seem to mind the medimitt so much so we can put the “cone of shame" aside. I think this will help her healing. I attached a pic of her paw and a pic of her today. Don't look at the paw if you are squeamish. I did get the Manuka honey but all I could find here in Shreveport was active 12+. Good on you and Pawflex! Thank you so very much!
Best regards,
Sheryl Cogdell