Bandaflex Equine Bandage


Your horse will not obsess over nipping at its bandage and wound from discomfort due to too tight or incorrect bandaging that often occur using the traditional methods.

Super easy to put on breathable bandage with super stretchable material. So that is is flexible and able to move with your horse. Will not constrict tighten, or harden after it gets wet like other bandages. Water resistant to keep the wound dry and can be worn over boots. It’s non adhesive with a patented anti-slip, so it does not stick to your horse’s hair.


Bandage are the same length and can double their length when stretched.

Cost Effective




Water resistant


Stay in place

Control and Flexibility

Creasing, Wrinkling, Shrinking

Bandaflex Equine Bandage
Although they are disposable, can be washed and reused repeatedly (remove contaminated wound pads)

Can be adjusted and readjusted many times

Wound pad is also attached for all in one convenience

Double fasterner makes it easy to gauge the tightness and pressure of the bandages, adjusting it in seconds. Removing the possibility of making too tight bandaging as often done with cohesive wraps

Non-adhesive means absolutely no hair pulling or skin/scab ripping

Light weight material provides comfort and flexibility of movement.

Highly water resistant but are breathable

Will not saturate as its fibers are non-absorbent and will air dry quickly.

Non-slip feature assures minimum slippage. Even on active horses, bandage stays in place.

No worries of creasing, wrinkling, shrinking or turning into a non-breathable cast like cohesive wraps