Pawflex Pet Bandage 1


A few years ago we rescued Maddy and Rylie, two very frightened, severely neglected, blind dachshunds, who, up till that day lived their whole life in a tiny sectioned off area of a basement.

They ate slept and soiled in this one small area …neither of them knowing the joy of constant love and human touch. Maddy and Rylie only knew fear; Fear of everything unknown. And sadly, everything was the unknown to them.

We brought them home and began the long, difficult and painful journey of their rehabilitation. Maddy, the boy developed a festering sore on his front leg that he constantly licked and gnawed at till it was raw. He wouldn’t let anyone touch his leg long enough to treat and bandage. My kids and I had to work as a team to bandage him up while he screamed as if we were peeling off his skin, only to see him frantically tear off the bandage within minutes.

This went on for a couple of days, but the difficulty of treating and bandaging any dogs injury is an age old problem. My mind raced for a solution…and the first prototype was made. It worked so well that I realized it was time that we had bandages designed for dogs everywhere.


After our final midnight run to our local 24 hour pharmacy, I had an idea. I guess what they say is true about necessity being the mother of invention, as I had exhausted every possibility…from human products to the standard cohesive pet medical wraps.

At the pharmacy I left the medical products isle and went to the diaper aisle. There I grabbed a package of Diapers and disposable training pants. I went home, and began cutting out the Velcro- type stretch fasteners and stretch side panels…… and with needle and thread I began sewing all the pieces together……making the first usable PawFlex bandages.

So, thanks to the diaper companies for sparking the idea and blazing the path for PawFlex™; the first disposable, non adhesive stretch duel hook fastener bandage system designed specifically for our four legged children…

To our amazement it took only seconds to put on Maddy, But the real miracle was that Maddy just sniffed it once and then left it alone. He wasn’t afraid of it and it didn’t seem to cause him any discomfort. I guess, if the diaper companies did all that research to find the most comfortable materials and technology for babies tender skin it only makes sense that PawFlex™ was the most non evasive and comfortable bandage for Maddy.

Pawflex Pet Bandage 2